Thursday, April 24, 2008

BMW's successful run

One of the world's best luxury car maker BMW is all set in becoming India's market leader by 2010. BMW is seeing phenomenal success as far as its sales are concerned. Setting a target of 1000, BMW actually achieved a car sales of 1387 in 2007. This is the most by the car maker when compared to any other country. Now that the company has set a revised target of 2000 car sales in 2008, BMW has already achieved a sales of 862 cars by March 2008 itself.

BMW is already seeing an exponential growth in terms of its sales. It is reported to have doubled its production capacity. Clearly, no doubt that BMW is seeing huge turn over regarding its profits.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Putin to get married ???

Russian president Vladimir Putin is gearing up for his wedding with a gymnast less than half his age. Mr. Putin (56) and present miss flexible Alina Kabaeva (24) have decided to marry. Wedding is expected to take place in mid June, that is a month after Mr. Putin steps down as the president.

Miss Kabaeva was born in 1983 and represented Russia at the Sydney and Athens Olympics. A special report also said that the Russian president has seperated from his wife Ludmilla (50).

Monday, April 14, 2008

Co-ed better ?

A new study indicated that schools with co-education are better than the single sex ones as the mere presence of girls makes the boys improves their academic performance and their behavior too. Researchers have also found that co-educational classes also improves the relationship between students. This study was carried out in elementary, middle and high school level.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Million Dollar Camel ?

Recently, a camel was bought by the crown prince of Dubai for a whopping $2.7m in a desert festival in Abu Dhabi. Sheik Hamdan, th son of Dubai ruler Sheik Mohammed, bought 16 camels for $4.5m during a camel beauty pageant in a desert carnival. Amongst this deal, a camel alone was bought for $2.7m. Camels were registered under different categories like age, skin and texture.

Five judges assessed these camels on the whole seperately. The owners of the winning camels shared $2m amongst them and each received a car too. The days of a million dollar baby are gone as the million dollar camel has arrived now !!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ford car sales down

Ford Motors Co. said that in the month of March, the car sales in US fell by 14%. This was the worst month in terms of sales since 2005, said the company. Ford's SUV's and trucks sales dropped by 16% when compared with the sales in march 2007. The reason for this is because of the slowing economy, say many experts. The company said that they were looking forward to some how improve their car sales in the coming months.