Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cricket : Australia's dominance over ?

Cricketing experts have already started talking about the performance that Australia has been displaying in the past couple of series. Losses, humiliating defeats, bad performances, losing without a fight. These things were not common to Australia in the past decade. Recent series loss to India, South Africa, that too without winning any test match, something unusual isn't it.

So, a decade long domination is coming to an end. Hope teams like India, South Africa use this opportunity to become present dominating nations (in cricket) .

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Terrorism, can it be stopped ?

'Terrorism' - Probably it the most heard word by us all these days. But this is not what we want to hear. Can terrorism be stopped ? Terrorism is the fastest growing religion in the world i guess. Root cause to this cannot be identified nor can any country be pointed to. So what is the possible solution ? Sitting and talking to these barbarians, or fighting it the way they do it ? It is a question which probably no one has an answer. Will terrorism die on its own in the future ? I have posted more questions than giving a possible solution. So, if you have any solutions worth implementing, discuss it here.