Sunday, November 2, 2008

Anil Kumble announces retirement from test cricket

The greatest spin bowler India has ever produced has announced his retirement today. Having taken 619 wickets in test match to become the third highest wicket taker in tests, kumble (a fighter) is playing his last test match today in Ferozshah Kotla, his favorite ground where he holds many records. It's definitely a miss for India to find a substitute for him. Hope Amit Mishra can fill his space and do wonders as he did in his early days... No specific reason can be pointed towards his retirement though... But he is a true champion, no wonder.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Solar tree

This great looking tree sculpture will not only be an interesting addition to any room but it will also be your one stop tree, for charging MP3s, mobile phones, cameras and other small, battery operated devices.

But how ? Well, each of the leaves is actually a solar cell. These 54 solar panels or photo voltaic panels, to be exact, will store energy that can then be used to charge you favorite gadgets.

Pretty cool na ? Each piece is also movable that you can make it even more original by creating your own shapes. A fun and great looking product that will save you money and give you that nice warm feeling to know that you’re helping to save the planet too...

It was designed by French genius, Vivien Muller. Price is the one to be looked into !!!