Sunday, March 30, 2008


The Sydney Opera house, the San Francisco’s Golden Gate went dark as people turned off the lights on Saturday. Wonder why ? It was the Earth Hour, on March 29th, a gesture to show concern on the hot topic, ‘Global Warming’. Around 30 million were expected to have switched off the lights for 1 hour.

Around 400 towns and cities, 35 countries signed up for this campaign. This sort of a campaign began in 2007 and was initiated in Sydney. Some of the key places where Earth Hour was observed are –

. Sydney Opera House
. CN Tower, Toronto
. London City Hall
. Background of Google’s Home page turned Black
. Sears Tower, Chicago
. San Francisco’s Golden Gate
. Tivoli Gardens & Royal Palace, Copenhagen

Buildings contribute one-third of the carbon emissions that might boost the average temperature by 1.4 degrees this year – say the scientists. This awareness campaign would have definitely had a good impact on many of us. So save the planet, use renewable sources of energy and make the Earth a heaven.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Virtual Safe

Going to the bank and keeping personal things in the locker is something common. But those days are over now for the vSafe has arrived. An American Bank is said to offer its customers online safe, also called as the Virtual Safe that would enable people to store their wills, passport details, tax records etc. Everything will be stored in Digital Format says the bank.

Wells Fargo Internet Services says that the customers can completely trust this service to keep and manage their information. Compared to other systems, this is very easy as it needs no maintenance and also would give the customers a peace of mind. This service is expected to hit this year. Let’s hope it makes an entry into other countries too.

Monday, March 17, 2008

3G iPhone ???

Recently there is a wide spread speculation that Apple would come out with a 3G iPhone by June or July. Apple fans were disappointed at the beginning as no such announcements were made during the Macworld show, but they some how managed to gather this bit of news.

The major disadvantage in the iPhone was that it was not 3G enabled. Now Apple itself is expected to make an official announcement this week while releasing the software development kit for iPhone. Infineon Technologies is reported to have increased its production of iPhone chips thereby conforming the speculation.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mobile TV is becoming Popular

Now doubt that the mobile television industry is becoming more and more popular in India and this has also been confirmed by some reports. Sources suggest that this sector would earn India around $350m in the coming years.

Springboard Research firm has also said that the mobile TV subscribers would love to pay per view and would not prefer monthly pay. They have also said that the service providers in total would have around 120 million customers in the first year of its introduction itself.

At present, Doordarshan is the only mobile TV service provider India. Many private sector service providers are reported to have been working on this. Soon the Indian market can expect this technology to hit the markets.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Track your laptop using 'Locate Laptop'

For people whose laptops got stolen, good news for you ? IT firm Unistal Systems is launching a software called Locate Laptops, that will help the owners to trace their notebooks. This software uses 'Web Sniff Technology' to locate stolen laptops.

Whenever the thief logs into the web from the stolen laptop, the location and the IP address from which net is accessed will be sent to the original owner. This will help the police to easily trace out the criminal. Once the laptop is lost, owner can log into the site to keep a track of the laptop.

For more details, click here

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Google enters Mobile World

Google off late has been concentrating more towards the mobile phone and this time, it has launched a service called as Gears Applications for the mobile phone users to work on the web even when they are offline.

But the fact is that this application would work only with IE and Firefox in case of computers and only with IE in the case of mobiles. But speculation is that Google is working with Opera Mini also to make this application compatible.

The Gears Application is definitely a boon for the Indian Users who do not many a time get to relish high speed downloads

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ipods >> iCrimes ???

We all might have heard of crimes, but ever heard of iCrimes ? Well iCrime is the term give to theft of iPods. iCrime has been on the increase exponentially of late. The possible increase in iCrime is because of the fact that iPods are very valuable and very easy to sell.

Previously it was cell phone crime, now its iPod related thefts. US records clearly show the increasing iCrime charts, but nothing has been done so far and nothing could be done as far as this kind of theft is concerned. Inspite of anti-theft locks in iPod, nothing could be done about his issue as stealers have found a way to unlock the iPods.

Friday, March 7, 2008

HTC's new X7510

I am sure you might be confused seeing the picture as to whether it is a computer or a phone ? Well it is a combned version and it’s from HTC. It was announced on February. Some of the specifications are as follows –

. 3G enabled (HSDPA)
. Wi-fi enabled (802.11 b/g)
. Mini USB 2.0
. Dimensions - 133 x 98 x 16 mm
. Bluetooth
. 128 mb Ram, 256 mb ROM
. 16 gb Flash Memory
. 640 x 480 pixels, 5 inch display
. OS – Microsoft Windows Mobile

It is a Touch Screen enabled phone. In addition to this, HTC X7510 also comes with a 3.15mp camera which has functions like Auto Focus, Flash and a secondary Video Call VGA camera. It also has an inbuilt Windows Media Player 10. It weighs around 375g which is considered to be the only disadvantage. Else, it is a great gadget to own.

For more information on HTC X7510 click here

Dubai’s Best Luxury Hotel – Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Jumeirah Towers is Dubai’s best luxury hotel. It is located in the Dubai business District. It has a 350m high office and looks beautiful. The Jumeirah Emirates Tower has redefined the term Luxury Hotels. It is highly elegant and extremely luxurious.

It has an outdoor swimming pool, a health tower and many such amenities for the guests. It has 15 world class restaurants, lounges and bars, a fitness center etc. Huge amounts of money have been put into this hotel to make it a world class venture. The hotel has 400 rooms, a huge dining bash that can accommodate almost 500 people which is phenomenal.

High end technology has been used to make the guests feel comfortable and round the clock technical assistance has also been provided for the guests to feel absolutely comfortable. In addition to this, an entire floor has been dedicated for women who need privacy and comfort. In all, a great hotel to stay in, worth money.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Germany – Home of Job Cuts ?

Several German Industrial Majors are on the move to cut jobs in a way to tackle the widening discontent amongst people. One after the other, several companies are announcing job cuts to report strong earnings in the fore coming quarters.

Some giants who announced job cuts are as follows –

. Siemens – 6800 cuts
. BMW – 8100
. Henkel – 3000
. Continental – 3800

These figures were announced by the companies that created some unrest amongst people as they were still looking for a concrete reason though these companies still produced good results YoY (Year over Year).

IE 8 on the cards ?

Microsoft is set to make key changes that would make the Internet Explorer (IE) users more comfortable. The major changes would mainly be in the operablility and Microsoft has said that it would in some way or the other would challenge it’s competitors.

MS has also said that IE 8 would operate on the currently defines web standards and would not be built based on the IE 7 platform. Microsoft has been reportedly said to be working with web publishers to help them update their sites to IE 8. Let’s all hope that IE 8 doesn’t disappoint us like the way IE 7 did.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Intel’s ‘Atom’ Chips

Intel, the leading Silicon Chip Maker has recently launched a series of Chips for mobile PCs called ATOM that is based on the Intel’s micro architecture. Some of these Atom Chips are as follows

. The much waited new market entrant SilverThorne is said to be one amongst them. It is to be implemented in next generation mobile Internet Devices.

. DiamondVille is another one that is to be used in Laptops that would ultimately bring down the cost of them.

Intel has definitely felt the pressure from AMD, it’s nearest rival. Atom series is just another addition to its core 2, Xeon, Celeron, Centrino range of chips.

Netscape made to Rest in Peace

Netscape Navigator which once occupied a place in everyone’s Desktop now have no place to go, but to the grave yard Recycle Bin. But it would still be there in some desktops though it would be only for a short time for Netscape has a market share of just 0.6%

AOL which owns Netscape recently cut the Life System and asked its users to move over to Firefox. During mid 90’s, everyone used Netscape, but the steady advances of IE and other browsers sidelined Netscape and has now completely declined its popularity.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Every one has a gift of intelligence, which is natural ? What if we could create intelligence on our own ? Creating and imparting intelligence in machines to make them think and act like humans is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Some very known examples of AI are Auto pilots, Computers etc. But the concept of AI many times has wondered us, when instances such as machines defeating humans, the creators of AI occurred. But does it mean that AI is superior to Natural Intelligence ? Never is this true, atleast now. But one cannot say that this will always continue to remain.

As you read through this edition, AI research is going on in areas of planning, development and many other streams. But whether AI one day would over par Natural Intelligence is something future must answer.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Amazing Super Computer

World is nothing without computers today. But some sectors need very high speed applications, so what is their solution ? The answer to that problem is Super Computers. Several computer manufacturing majors have come out with super computers. But one such amazing super computer has been manufacturedby IBM named BlueGene/L (Livemore system).

BlueGene has an inbuilt interface of around 128k processors and is capable of processing 360 TeraFLOPS per second. The best part is that, all these operations happen at the cost of 1 watt. All supercomputers will be able to process a minimum of 1 TeraFLOP. IBM has now formed a research team that is on the verge of building a super computer that would be able to process 100 TeraFLOPS.

Super computers are generally, huge in size and occupy a large amount of space. Every major spends billions of dollars in R&D to develop these super computers. Hence, super computers have made the complications more simpler and has benefited us in many ways.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Las Vegas - City of Entertainment

Every one needs entertainment, and one such perfect place of excitement is Las Vegas. It is a citywith extravagant hotels, shows and most importantly casinos. Las Vegas is also known as the Gambling Mecca. Every year, millions visit Las Vegas as a part of their vacation.
People in general always go to seek entertainment. Las Vegas is probably the other word forexcitement. Every year, Las Vegas earns billions of rupees merely through shows and other games. Last year, on 07/07/07, the Las Vegas Casino just floated with huge amount of money as people there considered it to be an auspicious day for gambling. Therefore, if you could find sometime in our life, do plan to visit Las Vegas.

Dangerous Dimming

For quite sometime, we have been hearing news about various countries trying to tackle the problem of Global Warming. But a new problem has been evolved, and it is called as Global dimmming.

There are 2 effects of burning fossil fuels and they are,

. Green house gases causing Global Warming
. Pollutants that cause Global Dimming

These pollutants change the properties of clouds. What happens is that these pollutants make theclouds to act as reflectors which inturn reflects the sun's light. Hence the reduction of heat reaching the earth is called as Global Dimming.

Effects of Global Dimming :

Irregular Monsoons, acid rains, health problems, loss of vegetations, increase in earth's temperature etc. This might also change the rainfall patterns. Hence this problem must also be immediately addressed.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Build Your Own Site

Every Internet freak would love to own a site, and here's the opportunity. This has been created by Google. Google recently launched a free service to create and build sites. It is an easy service and is called as Google Sites.

Pros and students who wish to create their own site can make use of this service. This service contains all steps to guide the users. Google also provides many accessories like pictures, calendars and YouTube videos that can be added to the site.

The web Giant acquired JotSpot last year, and has used many of the tools in building this venture. This is considered to be yet another leap for Google in acquiring the markets and in becoming the worldwide Leader.