Monday, August 24, 2009

Mysterious Squids

For quite sometime, we have been hearing about the name Squids. What are Squids actually ? Lets see an in depth analysis about this mysterious creature.

They are Giant Mollusks that are carnivorous and have a torpedo shaped body. It has 5 pairs of arms, huge eyes, might even be 18" end to end. They mainly eat fishes, and at times, smaller Squids. Squids have also been reported to have attacked Whales, but is said to have emerged victorious only in a couple of occassions.

Squids have always eluded humans who went to study about them in their environment. But once in a bizzare picture of a squid, which is reported to have been atleast 40 feet, was seen moving slowly. It is usually a slow mover, passive or active and is said to be very aggressive. Its tentacles are said to be very dangerous and once it hooks onto a prey, it releases some kind of a chemical that seems to irritate the prey.

It has always been compared with Octopus but in many ways is different, huge in size and is many a time more aggressive than the octopus.